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Our Values

Our Values

Mission and Values Statement

Empowering the Christian faith and values of new generations. Supporting leaders of congregations, church planting projects and other ministries in their outreach and nurture through information, resources, training and consultant relationships.

Our Faith Statement
The Adventist heritage provides an authentic, Christ-centered, Biblical faith for new generations.

  • It is an inclusive faith, based in God’s saving grace.
  • It is a compassionate faith, demonstrating God’s love for suffering humanity.
  • It is a hopeful faith, longing for the promised City of God.
  • It is a progressive faith, sharing a dynamic understanding of the Word of God.
  • It is a faith for the present and the future, providing encouragement and meaning for life today as well as a prophetic sense of God’s purpose in history.

Values Statement for Effective Ministry

  • Jesus: We look to the life of Christ as our model for life and ministry.
  • Relevance: We make sure to offer solutions/responses for today’s realities.
  • Innovation: We intentionally look for new, more appealing methods for doing ministry.
  • Honesty: We hold true to conscience and refuse to hide behind masks of pretension.
  • Accountability: We voluntarily open our lives to people who help us keep our word.
  • Love: We love others because that is the way we are designed by God.
  • Networking: We cross any boundary to connect with people with whom we have a common cause.
  • Quality: We demand excellence in ministry initiatives and materials.
  • Fun: We do those meaningful things, which are also enjoyable to keep us engaged in the process.
  • Responsibility: We take ownership of our issues and don’t blame others.
  • Spirituality: We actively seek the will of God in our lives and ministry.
  • Creativity: We intentionally look for new, more appealing ways to do ministry.
  • Support: We support people in creative ministries; we support our products/services.

You are invited to join us in our effort to provide effective, caring ministry support to our network of church pastors and leaders.