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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Center for Creative Ministry a non-profit organization?

Yes. We are recognized by the federal government of the United States as an organization that can receive donations that are tax deductible.

Where is the Center for Creative Ministry office?

Our main office is in the Walla Walla Valley of Washington State. We also have regional coordinators in Lincoln, NE, Sacramento, CA, Moses Lake, WA, Kettering, Ohio who manage major portions of this ministry. That places us in five locations across the United States, but with cell phones and Internet access you can reach us most any place our team is traveling.

How many employees does the Center for Creative Ministry have?

Actually, none. Every person involved with this ministry is a free-lancer. The Executive Director, Paul Richardson, works the most on Center projects but even he is not full time with the organization. We contract with people working from their homes or offices at various places around the world to carry out this ministry. Some do writing, others research interviews by phone, some do graphic design, while others present seminars, etc. It’s a very de-centralized organizational model which has worked well for the Center since its beginnings in 1988.

Didn't the Center for Creative Ministry used to be called something different?

Yes. We started by taking the name Adventist Baby Boomer Awareness (ABBA) and our principal purpose was to publish a newsletter with the same name and provide some training events. Then we transitioned to Baby Boomer Ministries Resource Center (BBMRC) in 1992 and added research, resources and consultant services to what we offered. In 1996 we took our current name, Center for Creative Ministry. We started by reaching the Baby Boom generation who were then young adults. As the GenX, Millennial & GenZ generations have become young adults we have reached out to collaborate with them as well. We are learning, and informing others, about these generations’ trends, attitudes and opinions. We are coaching (when invited) their ministry initiatives and networks. In some cases we are advocating for them with those who might otherwise overlook or judge them unfairly in the church.

Does the Center for Creative Ministry have a catalog?

You’re looking at it on-line. We are continually improving our products and services, so if we put put that into print that document would be outdated before it came off the presses. That’s why you will find our latest information here. Print off any of the pages, staple them together, and share them with friends who don’t have access to the Internet.

How can I help the Center for Creative Ministry?

Pray. That is our first and most important request. Tell. Introduce your friends and family to this Web site and invite them to visit it often. Respond. Tell us how we can serve you and your ministry best. Support. Let us know if you have time to volunteer for Center activities and we’ll attempt to get you plugged in whenever your gifts fit our projects. And if  what we do is something you want to contribute to, go to the Support Us link above and follow the steps. Thanks in advance for your gift.

How is the Center for Creative Ministry affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

We are an accredited resource center fully recognized by the North American Division of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. However our reach extends around the world, not only to Adventists but to people of all faith groups. On an ongoing basis we are doing research work with 40 faith groups and many other para-church organizations. We welcome and enjoy the collaboration.

How can I sign up for the FREE electronic services you provide?

A  Click on ‘subscribe now’ below to sign up for our weekly Sharing Scripture resource. It’s for Sabbath School teachers, small group leaders, and for your personal reflection. Also join us on Facebook: CreativeMinistry for frequent updates and relevant referrals.

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