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Amazing Transformations in Christ — September 10, 2021

God has given us a spirit of love, not fear. (1 John 4:18) In uncertain times, flexibility is essential. A positive attitude and a non-anxious presence with others often win the day.

We’re so delighted you’ve found AT1 – Amazing Transformations in Christ. From our inspirational message, to our thought-provoking trending news, to our melodic moment of music, we trust this short program adds value to your week, and is becoming your first choice for a Friday night vespers. Here are our presenters this week:

Today’s Host – Stefani Leeper

Presenter – Paul Richardson

Trending News – Bjorn Karlman

Musicians – Seaside Traverse

For Reflection and Discussion:

1. What brings calm and courage to your mind and heart as you face the ups and downs of life? What can you do to remind yourself of those calming/courageous traits more often?

2. How can we move on from a conflict when we’ve done all we can, but the situation won’t resolve?

Live well. Love well.

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