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Sharing Scripture — March 19, 2022

Receiving an Unshakable Kingdom


For use: March 13 – 19, 2022
Texts: Hebrews 12:18–29; 13:15, 16; Exodus 32:32; Daniel 7:9, 10, 13–22; Haggai 2:6–9, 20–22; Psalms 15:5; 16:8


Season of Justice is here, and with that, the thawing of cold cases is on the rise. Just this week, Season of Justice’s founder Ashley Flowers delighted Crime Junkie podcast fans with two cold case updates.

The first update covers the wrongful conviction of Juan Rivera, who after enduring three trials and 20 years behind bars, was rewarded with a $20 million settlement. He now has a job and a family. Although this settlement took place a few years ago, the murder for which he had been convicted remains unsolved, and his story serves as a reminder that justice can be served in various forms.

Flowers’ second update is the identification of Flathead County Doe Steven Gooch, who was connected to his father through DNA testing.

Although there is loss in both cases, we can rejoice in the fact that a father can put to rest his lost son, and that an innocent man can again walk free. We can also celebrate that we are on the brink of another season of justice, one of reunion with our loving Creator.

Hebrews affirms that we will be gathered at Mount Zion, a heavenly Jerusalem where our Judge will examine the books and find our salvation perfect. Our Deliverer’s arrival is described as a shaking of the heavens and the earth that will result in a new, unshakable kingdom.

In this renewed Jerusalem we will no longer need to fear death, wrongful convictions, or separation from loved ones. Rather, we will be celebrating God’s victories over Satan and joyously shouting praises in gratitude for all the wonderful things the Lord has done.


For Reflection


Connecting: Is chaos necessary to appreciate peace?

Sharing: Is the state of the world deteriorating, or is it just that we are more aware of crime and injustices due to the 24 hour news cycle and World Wide Web? 

  1. Just as the prophecies predict, the condition of humankind is deteriorating
  2. Both are correct
  3. People are just more open about their vices
  4. The web and media actually inspire people to do bad things; it’s a vicious cycle
  5. The world goes through cycles of deterioration and reparation
  6. Other:

Applying: Think about what you most look forward to in Christ’s season of justice, and how you will exhibit your gratitude for it in the new world.

Valuing: How do you think God would respond to the common belief in our legal system that it is better for ten guilty persons to go free than to let one innocent person suffer?


~Stefani Leeper
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