Tuesday, August 9 2022 - 6:47 PM

Sharing Scripture 2020

Thank you for faithfully reading and using Sharing Scripture (Formerly Contemporary Comments) – which uses a story from our current news to illustrate a theme for Bible topics – as a resource for your personal use, and for your small Sabbath school groups.

Sharing Scripture starts with a story in the news and links it with the Bible texts and topic of the Adult Sabbath School study guide for that week. It also provides four questions for reflection. The four questions follow this cycle of learning:

  • Connecting: a question or two that moves you from personal experience into the Bible
  • Sharing: digging deeper into Scripture and understanding what it means
  • Applying: experimenting in fun and interactive ways how the Biblical concepts work for you
  • Valuing: a call to action in your life as God is prompting you to respond