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<b>Gracious Givers</b>
Gracious Givers | 420241

Church members give sacrificially every week, month, and year. How often do they get a letter of thanks for the money given or time volunteered to enhance the mission of the Church? Well now you can do just that with this resource.

Letter templates have been written for you--we know how busy you are. They can easily be adjusted on your computer to reflect your style of writing. Here's what you get:

Core Four Letters

  • Year-end Receipts (January)
  • Spring (April)
  • Freedom (July)
  • Thanksgiving (November)
  • Eight More Letters

  • Children
  • Duty
  • Education
  • Evangelism
  • Fiscal Year
  • Offerings
  • Tithe
  • World Church
  • Bonus Letter

  • Major gift
  • Each letter is in position on official Adventist letterhead. Text files allow you to place the content on your church stationery or paste into an e-mail message. Personalize each letter with your church database of names and addresses. It's that flexible.

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