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A New OrderA New OrderContemporary Comments, Oct 2, 2009
Power StrugglePower StruggleContemporary Comments, Sep 25, 2009
Letter to a Chosen LadyLetter to a Chosen LadyContemporary Comments, Sep 18, 2009
Important Themes in 1 JohnImportant Themes in 1 JohnContemporary Comments, Sep 11, 2009
ConfidenceConfidenceContemporary Comments, Sep 4, 2009
Believing in JesusBelieving in JesusContemporary Comments, Aug 28, 2009
Loving Brothers and SistersLoving Brothers and SistersContemporary Comments, Aug 20, 2009
Children of GodChildren of GodContemporary Comments, Aug 13, 2009
Rejecting AntichristsRejecting AntichristsContemporary Comments, Aug 8, 2009
Renouncing WorldlinessRenouncing WorldlinessContemporary Comments, Jul 31, 2009
Keeping GodKeeping God's CommandmentsContemporary Comments, Jul 24, 2009
Experiencing the WordExperiencing the WordContemporary Comments, Jul 9, 2009
Johnannine LettersJohnannine LettersContemporary Comments, Jun 30, 2009
MissionMissionContemporary Comments, Jun 25, 2009
CommunityCommunityContemporary Comments, Jun 19, 2009
StewardshipStewardshipContemporary Comments, Jun 9, 2009
DiscipleshipDiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Jun 5, 2009
HeavenHeavenContemporary Comments, May 29, 2009
RestRestContemporary Comments, May 22, 2009
GraceGraceContemporary Comments, May 14, 2009
SinSinContemporary Comments, May 8, 2009
RevelationRevelationContemporary Comments, May 1, 2009
LifeLifeContemporary Comments, Apr 23, 2009
HopeHopeContemporary Comments, Apr 17, 2009
FaithFaithContemporary Comments, Apr 10, 2009
LoveLoveContemporary Comments, Apr 3, 2009
Confidence in the Prophetic GiftConfidence in the Prophetic GiftContemporary Comments, Mar 27, 2009
Interpreting Prophetic WritingsInterpreting Prophetic WritingsContemporary Comments, Mar 12, 2009
The ProphetThe Prophet's MessageContemporary Comments, Mar 5, 2009
The ProphetThe Prophet's InegrityContemporary Comments, Feb 26, 2009
The ProphetThe Prophet's AuthorityContemporary Comments, Feb 20, 2009
The ProphetThe Prophet's WorkContemporary Comments, Feb 9, 2009
Testing the ProphetsTesting the ProphetsContemporary Comments, Feb 6, 2009
Inspirational ProphetsInspirational ProphetsContemporary Comments, Jan 30, 2009
The Prophetic ChurchThe Prophetic ChurchContemporary Comments, Jan 22, 2009
Spiritual Gifts and ProphecySpiritual Gifts and ProphecyContemporary Comments, Jan 15, 2009
The Prophetic GiftThe Prophetic GiftContemporary Comments, Jan 8, 2009
HeavenHeaven's CommunicationContemporary Comments, Jan 1, 2009
Atonement and Universal HarmonyAtonement and Universal HarmonyContemporary Comments, Dec 23, 2008
United in ChristUnited in ChristContemporary Comments, Dec 19, 2008
Benefits of the Atoning SacrificeBenefits of the Atoning SacrificeContemporary Comments, Dec 12, 2008
Atonement at the CrossAtonement at the CrossContemporary Comments, Dec 5, 2008
Atonement and the IncarnationAtonement and the IncarnationContemporary Comments, Nov 21, 2008
Atonement in Symbols, Part 2Atonement in Symbols, Part 2Contemporary Comments, Nov 13, 2008
Atonement in Symbols, Part 1Atonement in Symbols, Part 1Contemporary Comments, Nov 6, 2008
Atonement AnnouncedAtonement AnnouncedContemporary Comments, Nov 1, 2008
Atonement and Divine InitiativeAtonement and Divine InitiativeContemporary Comments, Oct 24, 2008
The Fall Into SinThe Fall Into SinContemporary Comments, Oct 17, 2008
GodGod's Nature: Basis of AtonementContemporary Comments, Oct 2, 2008
Isaiah: Here Am I, Send MeIsaiah: Here Am I, Send MeContemporary Comments, Sep 26, 2008
Philip: Gifted for ServicePhilip: Gifted for ServiceContemporary Comments, Sep 19, 2008
Daniel: Mission In a Pagan LandDaniel: Mission In a Pagan LandContemporary Comments, Sep 12, 2008
Women of MissionWomen of MissionContemporary Comments, Sep 4, 2008
Peter: A Pillar of MissionPeter: A Pillar of MissionContemporary Comments, Aug 28, 2008
Peter: From Folly to FaithPeter: From Folly to FaithContemporary Comments, Aug 21, 2008
John: A Model of DiscipleshipJohn: A Model of DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Aug 15, 2008
The Compassionte SaviorThe Compassionte SaviorContemporary Comments, Aug 7, 2008
Jesus and the DisciplesJesus and the DisciplesContemporary Comments, Jul 31, 2008
The Son of God Among UsThe Son of God Among UsContemporary Comments, Jul 24, 2008
John the Baptist Prepares the WayJohn the Baptist Prepares the WayContemporary Comments, Jul 18, 2008
Paul: All Things for All HumanityPaul: All Things for All HumanityContemporary Comments, Jul 10, 2008
Paul: For Such a Time as ThisPaul: For Such a Time as ThisContemporary Comments, Jul 3, 2008
JesusJesus' Return as King and FriendContemporary Comments, Jun 27, 2008
ChristChrist's Priestly MinistryContemporary Comments, Jun 18, 2008
The Power of JesusThe Power of Jesus' ResurrectionContemporary Comments, Jun 11, 2008
The Meaning of JesusThe Meaning of Jesus' DeathContemporary Comments, Jun 6, 2008
The Tenderness of GodThe Tenderness of God's LoveContemporary Comments, May 29, 2008
The Intensity of JesusThe Intensity of Jesus' WalkContemporary Comments, May 22, 2008
The Puzzle of ChristThe Puzzle of Christ's ConductContemporary Comments, May 15, 2008
The Challenge of JesusThe Challenge of Jesus' SayingsContemporary Comments, May 8, 2008
The Wonder of His WorksThe Wonder of His WorksContemporary Comments, Apr 30, 2008
The Wisdom of ChristThe Wisdom of Christ's TeachingsContemporary Comments, Apr 23, 2008
The Reality of JesusThe Reality of Jesus' HumanityContemporary Comments, Apr 16, 2008
The Mystery of JesusThe Mystery of Jesus' DeityContemporary Comments, Apr 11, 2008
Who Was Jesus?Who Was Jesus?Contemporary Comments, Apr 11, 2008
Patterns of DiscipleshipPatterns of DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Mar 26, 2008
Mission and CommissionMission and CommissionContemporary Comments, Mar 20, 2008
More Lessons In DiscipleshipMore Lessons In DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Mar 13, 2008
Discipleship Under PressureDiscipleship Under PressureContemporary Comments, Mar 4, 2008
Following the Master : Discipleship In ActionFollowing the Master : Discipleship In ActionContemporary Comments, Feb 28, 2008
Experiencing DiscipleshipExperiencing DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Feb 22, 2008
Preparation for DisicipleshipPreparation for DisicipleshipContemporary Comments, Feb 12, 2008
Ethnicity and DiscipleshipEthnicity and DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Feb 7, 2008
Gender and DiscipleshipGender and DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Jan 31, 2008
Lessons From Would-be DisciplesLessons From Would-be DisciplesContemporary Comments, Jan 25, 2008
Called to Discipleship by JesusCalled to Discipleship by JesusContemporary Comments, Jan 17, 2008
Discipleship Then and NowDiscipleship Then and NowContemporary Comments, Jan 8, 2008
An Overview of DiscipleshipAn Overview of DiscipleshipContemporary Comments, Jan 8, 2008
Christ in the CrucibleChrist in the CrucibleContemporary Comments, Dec 28, 2007
Dying Like a SeedDying Like a SeedContemporary Comments, Dec 22, 2007
Waiting In the CrucibleWaiting In the CrucibleContemporary Comments, Dec 13, 2007
Meekness in the CrucibleMeekness in the CrucibleContemporary Comments, Dec 6, 2007
A Life of PraiseA Life of PraiseContemporary Comments, Nov 29, 2007
Seeing the InvisibleSeeing the InvisibleContemporary Comments, Nov 21, 2007
Indestructible HopeIndestructible HopeContemporary Comments, Nov 15, 2007
Struggling With All EnergyStruggling With All EnergyContemporary Comments, Nov 9, 2007
Extreme HeatExtreme HeatContemporary Comments, Nov 2, 2007
Seeing the GoldsmithSeeing the Goldsmith's FaceContemporary Comments, Oct 26, 2007
The BirdcageThe BirdcageContemporary Comments, Oct 18, 2007
The Cruicibles That ComeThe Cruicibles That ComeContemporary Comments, Oct 10, 2007
The ShepherdThe Shepherd's CrucibleContemporary Comments, Oct 5, 2007
Hosea and Gomer: Forgiving the UnfaithfulHosea and Gomer: Forgiving the UnfaithfulContemporary Comments, Sep 20, 2007
Ahab and Jezebel: Abuse of AuthorityAhab and Jezebel: Abuse of AuthorityContemporary Comments, Sep 15, 2007
David and Bathsheba: Adultry and AfterDavid and Bathsheba: Adultry and AfterContemporary Comments, Sep 6, 2007
The Jobs: Living With LossesThe Jobs: Living With LossesContemporary Comments, Aug 30, 2007
Elkanah and Hannah: Fulfilling VowsElkanah and Hannah: Fulfilling VowsContemporary Comments, Aug 23, 2007
Boaz and Ruth: Firm FoundationsBoaz and Ruth: Firm FoundationsContemporary Comments, Aug 16, 2007
Samson and His Women: The Folly of PassionSamson and His Women: The Folly of PassionContemporary Comments, Aug 8, 2007
Moses and Zipporah: Relating With RelationsMoses and Zipporah: Relating With RelationsContemporary Comments, Jul 31, 2007
Jacob and Rachel: Labor of LoveJacob and Rachel: Labor of LoveContemporary Comments, Jul 28, 2007
Isaac and Rebekah: Rearing RivalsIsaac and Rebekah: Rearing RivalsContemporary Comments, Jul 22, 2007
Abraham and Sarah: Faith Tested and TriedAbraham and Sarah: Faith Tested and TriedContemporary Comments, Jul 13, 2007
Adam and Eve: The Intended IdealAdam and Eve: The Intended IdealContemporary Comments, Jul 6, 2007
The Word of God EnduresThe Word of God EnduresContemporary Comments, Jun 29, 2007
Growing Through the WordGrowing Through the WordContemporary Comments, Jun 22, 2007
Daily WisdomDaily WisdomContemporary Comments, Jun 15, 2007
The Bible and HappinessThe Bible and HappinessContemporary Comments, Jun 7, 2007
The Bible and HealthThe Bible and HealthContemporary Comments, May 31, 2007
Revelation of HopeRevelation of HopeContemporary Comments, May 25, 2007
The Word in Our LivesThe Word in Our LivesContemporary Comments, May 18, 2007
The Bible and ScienceThe Bible and ScienceContemporary Comments, May 10, 2007
When the Rocks Cry OutWhen the Rocks Cry OutContemporary Comments, May 3, 2007
The Bible is ReliableThe Bible is ReliableContemporary Comments, Apr 25, 2007
Bible Prophecy FulfilledBible Prophecy FulfilledContemporary Comments, Apr 18, 2007
The Final WordThe Final WordContemporary Comments, Apr 11, 2007
The Voice from HeavenThe Voice from HeavenContemporary Comments, Apr 5, 2007