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Two Thirds of Americans, More Canadians Use Alcohol
Gallup Poll has regularly tracked the percentage of people who even occasionally use alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine or beer over the last 25 years. These percentages include everyone who does not identify themselves as "a total abstainer." The numbers have been consistent.

In 1987, 65% of Americans reported that they use alcoholic beverages. In the most recent poll it is 66% of Americans. The low point was in 1989 and 1990 when reported use dropped to 56% and 57% of Americans.

In Canada there has been a more recent trend, although a larger proportion drink. In 1988, 80% of Canadians said that they used alcoholic beverages at least occasionally. In the most recent poll this has dropped to 74% of Canadians. In both countries, younger adults are more likely to drink than are older adults. (See graph.)

With alcohol so widely used, what is the Adventist Church doing to address this issue? How does it impact evangelism and church life? Is our mission increasingly marginalized to the one third (one quarter in Canada) of the population that does not drink? Gary Hopkins at the Institute for Addictions at Andrews University has been saying that alcohol use is an increasing problem in the Adventist Church in North America. Is anyone actively demonstrating concern about this issue?

Trend Analysis Report - Source: Gallup Poll, 2003.