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How Different Generations Use the Internet
Younger adults–those age 18 through 37 from the Baby Bust and Millennial generations–are more likely to visit Web sites  with information about sports, jobs, housing and genealogy searches. Web users from the Baby Boom generation, ages 38 through 57, are more likely to go online for information about health care, finances, government and religion. Younger adults are more likely to create Web content such as online diaries than are Boomers.

Two thirds of Boomers on line have looked up health information, compared with 54% of younger adults.

Boomers are also more likely to visit online support groups for specific medical conditions and personal situations: 55% compared to only 36% of younger adults.

Half of the Boomers on line have used the Internet for financial information, compared with 28% of younger adults. About 15% of the Boomers have traded stocks or bonds on line, while only 9% of the younger adults have done so.

People on line among both the Baby Boom generation and younger generations are equally likely to use the Web for other purposes. This includes getting news, buying products, participating in online auctions and checking the weather.

Trend Analysis Report - 2003 - Source: Associated Press, Nov 12, 2002, Pew Study of the People and the Internet.