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Commuter Time is Increasing and More Stressful
Nearly two-thirds of adults commute to work. Only 36% either work at home or live within a short walk of their job. The average commuter drove more than 300 miles last week just getting to work and back home again.

In 1990, the average commuter spent 22 minutes each way or 44 minutes a day driving or taking mass transit to work. But 2000 the average commute had increased to more than 25 minutes each way or 51 minutes a day.

More crowding of the roads, commuter trains, subways and busses are only part of the reason for the growing commutes. In fact, a greater reason has to do with the fact that the suburbs in major metropolitan areas are moving out further and further from the central city as new homes are built.

Americans are addicted to "living in the country" while  earning city incomes. The price they pay is the extra stress and risk of injury or death from traffic accidents.

Trend Analysis Report (2003) - Source: Arbitron Outdoor Media Study, Arbitron, Inc., New York City