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Faith at Camp Ida Haven
I had the opportunity last week to be pastor at the Adventist youth camp in McCall, Id. http://www.idahaven.org/  Pre-teens are a challenging on a good day, but put them in an outdoor setting with the beckoning call of water sports, or trail rides, or the climbing wall and challenge course…well, you get the idea. Fortunately these kids were respectful and the staff engaged in the concepts shared. It was a fantastic week.

Listening to the staff worship talks each morning, I was struck again with the spiritual struggle experienced by young adults in their early 20s. They are really on a search to make their faith their own; not their parents’ faith, not their teachers’ faith, not their pastor’s faith any more, but theirs. And so the last evening we were together I shared the stages of faith and urged them to take the journey to make their faith their own. Some responded that the ‘adults’ in their life communicated fear to them about embarking on such a quest.

And it made me wonder, why do we fear a search for deep, personal, comforting, progressive, compassionate faith? We get irritated at people who have rigid, immature, restrictive faith. So then, why do we hold back people at any age from discovering mature faith? Any ideas?

Last week I released that camp staff to pursue all God wanted for their lives and I’m so glad I did!

INNOVATIONewsletter, July, 25, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry