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Seminaries Use Our Resources for Their Curriculum
Understanding Your Community is a study guide and CD-R resource for the person who is strategic about reaching his or her community for Christ. The package includes a complete kit of analytical tools to understand demographic data from the U.S. census as well as other social science resources. Once you discover the data, the book explains what the resulting information means and how to use it to improve your ministry approaches. While this has been appreciated widely in the Adventist community, it has now been eclipsed by its use in the wider Christian community. For example the Campolo School at Eastern University in Philadelphia Penn., Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton N.J., McCormick Seminary in Chicago Ill. and others are using it as a required textbook for several of their classes. 

Just last week we were requested by the Association for the Sociology of Religion to give permission for our latest book Mission in Metropolis  to be showcased at their annual convention in Boston later this month. We are gratified for these opportunities to describe Christ’s mission in this world to a new generation of leaders.

INNOVATIONewsletter, July 3, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry