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Small Groups Contemporary Comments
  How to Die Right (DVD)
  How to Die Right (Booklet)
  Prime Time for Parents
  Sharing Scripture | What Is It?
  Sharing Scripture (Individual Lesson)
Leadership Gracious Givers
Research Trends, Attitude
  Restoring Fallen Pastors
  Adventist and the Internet
  Church Planting
  Small Churches
  NAD Demographic Profile 2008
  Others Research Reports
  Public Perception of the Adventist Church (2003)
  Survey of Former and Inactive Adventist Church Members
  Pastor Opinion Poll
  Women Pastors' Opinion Poll
  Pastors' Spouses Survey
  Survey of Ministerial Directors
Metropolitan Ministries Community Assessment (Monte Sahlin)
Re-Church Resources Loving Babylon
Reconnecting Ministries Together Again Roundtable
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