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The Early Years: Mobilizing Members Resource
In the mid-1990s we were asked by the North American Division to develop a resource package for local churches that provided new ways to mobilize members for volunteer opportunities. We couldn’t think of any better way to do that then to help people discover their spiritual gifts and implement them in the church. Instead of re-inventing what was being so well received in the wider Christian community, we went directly to Zondervan Publishing in Grand Rapids, Mich., and requested permission to re-purpose their Networking materials for the Adventist community.

We received that permission and then set about to make all the necessary revisions. The Adventist version of that resource is Connections and we have been able to place it in the majority of 6,000 Adventist churches in North America over the past 12 years.

What we learned some years after interfacing with the Zondervan team was that initially they had real misgivings about working with us to revise their resource. They had tried to work with denominations in the past with other materials and the experiences had not gone well to say the least. We praise God that their experience with us went so well that it prompted them to once again engage other denominations in personalizing Zondervan resources.

INNOVATIONewsletter, May 22, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry