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One-Minute Witness
“With so many natural disasters happening right on top of each other like the earthquakes in China and the cyclone in Myanmar and the tornados here in the United States,” a pastor asked me this past Sabbath, “what do I tell my members about what these things mean?” My short answer was, “Well, they are strong evidence that we’re not in heaven yet!”
Our conversation eventually turned to the opportunities these events give us to dialogue with work colleagues, neighbors, family and friends about our trust in God whose love reduces our fears.

The pastor then asked what resource I would recommend to his members to prepare them for such conversations. My immediate response was One-Minute Witness. When the moment is right, what you say and do and better yet what you don’t say and do is so important.

This 39-page booklet is something every believer would benefit by reading. I’d encourage you to order one for every member of your church; we’ve made quantity discount pricing available so you can do that quite inexpensively. To order go to: One-Minute Witness.

INNOVATIONewsletter, June 13, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry