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The Early Years: New Board Members and New Name
In the early 1990s we changed our name from Adventist Baby Boomers Awareness to Baby Boomer Ministries Resource Center (BBMRC). At that time new technologies were rapidly emerging, changing our lives as well as the work of the Church. So we decided to organize our ministry to include research, resource development, training events and consultant services.

This matrix was modeled after a software company: research and development turn into new software packaged for the mass market consumer; training is provided to better understand the software and in some cases is specifically programmed for special clients. Today the Center is still organized in much the same way.

Our original board “retired” and the new BBMRC Board met for the first time. We added Senior Consultants practitioners in front-line ministry who advised our new initiatives. It was an exciting time of expansion.

INNOVATIONewsletter, May 7, 2008, Center for Creative Ministry