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Small Groups
  Reinvent Your Sabbath School
  Coming Together
  Nine Facets of the Effective Small Group Leader
  Prime Time for Parenting - Volume 1 & 2
Church Planting & Leadership
  Brad: Visionary Leadership
  Effective Church Worship Teams
  E. E. Cleveland: Evangelist Extraordinary
  Financial Attitudes
  Principles of Christian Stewardship
  The Sabbath in Ethiopia
  The Welcome Table
  Seed Planters' Guide
  Adventist Congregations Today
  Adventist and the Internet
  A New Generation of Adventist Families
  A New Generation of Adventist Families (Study Guide)
  Divorce in Adventist Families in North America
  NAD Demographic Profile 2008
  Various Research Reports
  Survey of Former and Inactive Members 
  Pastor Opinion Poll
  Women Pastors' Opinion Poll
  Pastors' Spouses Survey
  Survey of Ministerial Directors
Mobilizing Members
Metropolitan Ministries
  Community Impact Series
  Community Action Leadership
  Mission In Metropolis
  Understanding Your Community
Friendship Evangelism
  Friend2Friend: Leader's Kit | Leader's Guide | Participant's Guide | Video Sessions Video Clip
  One-Minute Witness
Reconnecting Ministries
  Safety Zone
  Welcome Home
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