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The Early Years: A New Toll-Free Number
Soon after we started ABBA Newsletter in the late 1980s, we realized that if we wanted to be contacted more than by mail, we needed to have a toll-free phone number. Keep in mind that this was before the wide-spread use of the Internet and e-mail or texting!

After consultation with the phone company we developed a list of 30 phone number combinations any of which we would like to have. They researched them and came back with three we could use because the rest were taken. We liked 800.272.4664 and have used it ever since.

How did we come up with that number? If you’ll look at the keyboard of your phone you will see that 272 corresponds with “B-R-C” and BRC stands for Boomer Resource Center. Then if you put a hyphen between the 46-64, these are the birth years of the Baby Boom generation: 1946 to 1964. We were excited about the symbolism of what was being developed as a network of friends in those early years, but even more pleased with the services we were being asked to provide to congregations trying to be relevant to new generations of members and leaders.

INNOVATIONewsletter, February 21, 2008, The Center for Creative Ministry