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The Early Years: Seminar Tours
In those early years we initiated a seminar circuit under the banner “How to Reach and Hold the Baby Boom Generation in Church”. We went to Orlando, Fla., Chicago, Ill., Seattle Wash., San Diego, and the Bay Area in Calif., Baltimore Md. and Denver, Colo. These were fun gathering events for pastors and parishioners alike.

We profiled the generations and what each was looking for from church. We established that the experiences a generation had during its formative years influenced what it was looking for from its congregation. We attracted primarily Adventists, but I also remember several clergy from other denominations who attended these events. It was fun to be building a coalition of ministry colleagues. We had no idea where this all would lead us.

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INNOVATIONewsletter, February 7, 2008, The Center for Creative Ministry