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We Started Small
We applied for 501c3 status in 1988 and received a provisional status quite quickly for today’s standards. Our permanent non-profit status came early in the following year. Our board consisted on a doctor, a nurse, a dietitian ,an insurance agent and me. We published our first newsletter by scraping together personal funds and small amounts from two donors.

ABBA Newsletter was our focal point of generational conversation. ABBA stood for Adventist Baby Boomer Awareness. We were young adults then and the majority of us when we left academy or college, left church. This newsletter was our way to communicate with each other even if we did not see each other in the pews on a regular basis. Circulation grew and at its apex more than 1,500 recipients requested and received the four-page newsletter six times per year.View images here

 We would gather around my mother-in-law’s dining room table to eat supper and then fold newsletters and bundle them for bulk delivery. Many hands made light work and a lot of laughter and good story telling made these volunteer events something people did not want to miss. View images here

Our fearless mailing coordinator was Louie Burden. He made the complex United States Postal Service bulk mailing requirement easy for us to understand as we bundled newsletters that went around the world. Louie died seven years ago but I know he would have been proud during this year when we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a Center.

For those of you reading this e-newsletter who were a part of those original mailing group, my profound thanks for your generous time gifts many years ago. I couldn’t have done it without you!

INNOVATIONewsletter, January 28, 2008, The Center for Creative Ministry