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Planning Ministry Blitzes
In The New Yorker (Dec. 3 on the cover) there is an excellent article on a mega church in Connecticut (pp 46-56) which quotes a lot from Scott Thumma at Hartford Seminar, the recognized exert on mega churches and also involved in the FACT research for the wider Christian community [more info].

The article includes one segment that should be especially interesting to all pastors:

Amorim [a church growth consultant] meets with Santora [the 30something senior pastor] every other month in part to plan "a marketing blitz" around a six-to-eight-week-long sermon series. "In the fall, when the kids go back to school, Frank [Santora] usually does a series such as 'My Messy Family'," Amorim said, "and in January, just after New Year's Day, he does a series on fresh starts. Those are the best times for advertising." For these series, Amorim puts together a package that includes a direct-mail piece, a thirty-second TV spot, graphic banners on the church web site, a microsite, and mini-invitations that church members can give out to friends. Amorim also helps the pastoral staff design church bulletins and elements of the services, such as songs, videos, and stage props, which will engage church attendees in the message before Santora speaks.

The planning and preparation of these media components is ideal for the youth and young adults in your congregation. Work with them to develop the concepts and approve the final products, but don’t micromanage the process. Remember, God speaks through them just as much as God speaks through you!

INNOVATIONewsletter, December 19, 2008, The Center for Creative Minstry