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What Makes a Congregation Grow
While there is no magic bullet that applies to all situations, here are some insightful indicators that come from the latest Faith Communities Today (FACT) 2005 research report:

Learn to ask hard questions. Instead of always promoting programs, adopt a diagnostic attitude that is not afraid to ask hard questions about attendance attrition, routine programming and the spiritual vitality of members.

Be purposeful. Congregations rarely grow unless there is a purpose for its existence that is not only held by the leadership but also the membership. Set big goals and frequently evaluate them.

New groups for new people. Instead of expecting new people to join with existing groups (i.e. Sabbath School classes) start new ones for them.  

Your members are your best promoters. While you may be tempted to use expensive advertising or media ministries to attract people to your church, the data shows that your members are your best promoters of your congregation to people in the community.

INNOVATIONewsletter, December 5, 2008, The Center for Creative Ministry