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Travel With Paul Richardson
Through photos and commentary, CCM Director Paul Richardson provides an inside look at what he does, where he goes, and who he meets along the way. Click here for more photos.
  Leaders from across the Austrailian Union Conference gathered to consider how to increase their Reconnecting Ministries. It was a Spirit-led event. Paul and Teri Richardson made some new friends and enjoyed seeing Australia for the first time in mid March 2011.  
  Here's a photo of our most recent Reconnecting Ministries training event in St Petersburg, Florida, featuring leaders from two congregations in central Florida gathered at the St. Petersburg Church in January 2010. They came to learn more about how to reach the people we love who have left the church we love.  
  Just some of the wonderful people I met at the Greater New York Conference Reconnecting Ministries Convocation. Pastor Steve Cassimy (far right) is the ministerial director for the conference and a strong advocate for missing members."  
  What a delight is was for me to be part of this advisory of youth & young adult leaders brainstorming ways to keep younger generations afloat in their world & church.  
We enjoyed a social event in September 2008 with the Second Wind Church at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco CA. Here some of the group stands in line for the next sample.
  We enjoyed some rest and relaxation with our College Place, WA Bible study group at Wallowa Lake at a social ministry event in August 2008.  
  Our early 1990s meeting of new Board Members and Senior Consultants in Los Angeles CA. (back row, left to right) Carole Kilcher, Bill Ashlock. Monte Sahlin, Vicki Ballou, Paul Richardson, Mike Aufderhar. (front row) Curtis Rittenour, Warren Nelson, Judi Hewes.  
  Adventists from across the Ontario Conference in Canada gathered in March'08 for the Maranatha Personal Ministries Convention at the Bank of Montreal Learning Centre near Toronto. These are the fine folks who attended my Reconnecting Ministries track.  
  People from across the Upper Columbia Conference spent a day with me in mid-April at the Coeur d' Alene Adventist church to learn about Reconnecting Ministries. What an affirming group.  
  When we are in Lincoln NE these are some of the Something Else Sabbath School members that we dearly love. From this SS came a seminar, book & video that we have shared all around the world. And in many of those places SS is alive and well!  
  Pastors from the Southern New England Conference (Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island) gathered in January 2008 to dialogue with me about what it takes to make our congregations safe places.  
  The mailing team for ABBA Newsletter back in the day. We bundled as many as 1,500 every-other-month to go to subscribers around the world. Activities  
  Our very first newsletter published back in 1988. Click here for more detailsView larger sample (pdf file)  
  Carmen & Cornel Rusu run a bookstore/community center in Hoboken NJ. I was with them in December '07 and once again was so in awe of the difference they are making in that bedroom community for Manhattan.  


Center board members present at the October 2007 meeting at Hilton Head Island SC (from left to right) Rod Colburn, Chris Daley, Ryan Bell, Paul Richardson, Debra Brill, Judi Hewes, Monte Sahlin


  CCM board members checking out the new features on the Center web site and making recommendations in October 2007.  


CCM board members watching the sunset Sabbath evening on the beach at Hilton Head Island SC., October 2007.



  24 participants attended my research class at Zaoksky University in August 2007. My interpreter is the man in the salmon-colored shirt on the front row. I thank God for his language gifts and stamina for two weeks! What a welcoming group.  

  The stories of how the Adventists were given the campus land and administration building are just amazing. Over 1,000 students, grades K-16, are on the campus that is situated about 3 hours south of Moscow.  

  It was great to see Raj Attiken, conference president in Ohio, at a leadership conference in August, 2007. Ohio is a progressive professional environment these days due to Raj's leadership.  

  I also enjoyed meeting up with friends Don May from Berrien Springs MI and Greg Nelson from San Francisco CA at the same leadership event (in Ohio). I admire both of their ministries.  

  In June 2007 I had the opportunity to coordinate a community and conference membership research project on the island of Bermuda. Sheila Holder (far left) is the education director, my wife Teri is standing to my right, next to her is Clinton Valley who was visiting, and Jeffrey Brown is the president of the Adventist church in Bermuda.  

  Jonny is an Adventist who stands on a small island of grass, Monday-Friday, 6-10 a.m. at an intersection where the majority of traffic comes into Hamilton. He waves to everyone coming by, blows kisses, and offers words of encouragement whenever possible. He is a legend in Bermuda.  

  In July it was my pleasure to teach a field research class for Andrews University at Helderberg College in South Africa. The undergrad students were gone on Winter break which freed up the dorm rooms and classrooms for us. Not only were Doctor of Ministry students there to take my class but so were graduate level nursing students from across Africa to study with professors from Loma Linda University.  

  Twenty-eight participants from across Africa discovered the many research tools at their disposal not only for their DMin project, but also to conduct community and congregational assessments on an ongoing basis.  

  Anderson Hall provided not only our classroom for the 5 intensive days of the class, but it was also the place we met on Sabbath for All Nations church where I preached.  

  It was a thrill for me to stand for a while in The Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg and absorb the magnificent painting of the return of the prodigal son by Rembrandt.  
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