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Church Planted In Innovative Outreach In Australia
The LinC is a church plant in the Lansdale area of Perth, Australia. Two of the members of the core group started Café 7 as a business venture and a ministry in the community. Café 7 is a very stylish and fully equipped commercial café reports Peter Roennfeldt. Café 7 is an innovative church plant that provides space for all kinds of ministry groups and the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal with friends. “Café 7 helps us to think outside the square about church and to go to where the people are, instead of expecting them to come to us,” says Phil Brown, project coordinator.

The Lansdale Playgroup contacted Café 7 to ask for a donation to their annual Shopping Bonanza, and Café 7 offered a free meal to the value of $100. This led to further contacts in the community – and one mother asked, “Do you run anything for children in your Café? I am looking for somewhere where I can give my children some spiritual guidance, something similar to what I got as a child when I went to Sunday school. My husband often works shift work and we are available on Saturday, [because] Sunday is our family day.” Sharyn was able to share that The LinC has a house church every first and second Saturday of the month and the woman indicated that she would love to come! The group leader, Steve Goods, reports that contact with another family resulted from questions about the book “Da Vinci Code.” This family recently emigrated from India, and the LinC team was also able to assist them with furniture and other basic family needs.

INNOVATIONewsletter, October 16, 2007, The Center for Creative Ministry