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This Sounds Like Abba Newsletter All Over Again
For the last two years, a team of young people has been working passionately on a self-given project. As young Adventists, they found that they did not have anywhere online to congregate in mass to talk and address issues that are important to them.

They know that many Adventists use hi5, but found that users there are often bombarded with very non-spiritual material. This situation frustrated the group so much that they set out to create a website exclusively and strictly for Adventists of all ages. By word of mouth alone, the site has already had 5000 hits, but they are still testing a lot of the site’s functionality. Adventplanet offers several features that rival such social networking sites as MySpace and hi5. 

The team at Adventplanet would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions as they work to make their site even better. Take a moment to check it out: www.adventplanet.com

INNOVATIONewsletter. July 26, 2007, The Center for Creative Ministry