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Mission Trip to Toledo
For this summer’s mission trip, members of Toledo [Ohio] First Church focused on the inner city of Toledo instead of going overseas as they have done in the past. The ratio of Adventists to non-Adventists in Toledo is one to 805, as compared to one to 482 in the world, one to 313 in the United States, one to 37 in Figi, one to 21 in Rwanda, one to 14 in Jamaica, and one to 10 in Belize.

The four days of service in Toledo concluded with a block party during which mayor Carty Finkbeiner cut the ribbon to open the new park near Aurora House, a transitional home for women and children. Pastor Mike Fortune shares details, pictures and coverage by television channels 11, 13, and 24 at the following links:


INNOVATIONewsletter, July 11, 2007, Center for Creative Minstry