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Outreach by Direct Mail
Seventh-day Adventist churches are more likely to use direct mail for outreach than are other religious groups in America. The majority of Adventist pastors (53%) report that their local church has used direct mail in the last year, while only a third (36%) of all religions make the same report.

At the same time, a majority of all faiths in America say that their congregations would be interested in how to use direct mail for evangelistic outreach, to connect with “new or inactive participants or to make your congregation better known in your community.” This is an area where the Adventist Church is ahead of the curve in church growth methodology.

Almost all direct mail by Adventist churches follows one specific method:  advertising for public evangelistic meetings, including Revelation Seminars. Very little has been done to develop other methods such as inviting newcomers in the community to visit the church on Sabbath or offering community services of a nonreligious nature.

The majority of the direct mail pieces sent out by Adventist churches in fact never mention the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Some research indicates that it has had little impact on making the Adventist Church and its message and mission better known across America.

Discussion Questions:

1. Did our congregation do any direct mailings to area residents during the last 12 months to reach out to potential or inactive members or to make our congregation better known in our community? If so, what was the response?

2.  Of the methods listed above, which approach would be most effective for our church at this time?

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Paul Richardson
Executive Director
Center for Creative Ministry

Creative Pastor e-Newsletter, July 4, 2007, Center for Creative Ministry