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Ministry In Metropolis Seminar In Hollywood
More than 300 people packed the sanctuary of the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church on June 23 for the 11 a.m. message about Ministry in Metropolis. Pastor Ryan Bell said attendance at the potluck broke previous attendance levels. Monte Sahlin focused on the way Jesus asserted victory over demonic influences. Today the Church on Christ’s mission must stand up for justice and address crippling issues such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, and major health challenges. Some of the points that Monte discussed:
  • Strategies to reach cities must be made city by city because they are not uniform structures. Cities are mosaics of neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and suburban towns.
  • You can become better acquainted with the city near you by making a list of the zip codes assigned to that area. How many of those zip codes have an Adventist church? How many have even one Adventist household?
  • How visible is the Adventist church in local media? What do people associate with the Adventist church?
  • What is involved in doing a community assessment to get a clear picture of sub-cultural realities?
  • Is there a coordinated effort among local churches, conferences and the union in which the city is located?

Now is the time to sign up for the historic Urban Ministry Congress that begins July 22. The challenge of ministry in metropolitan areas is immense. The Center’s newest resource Ministry in Metropolis will be released at this gathering. Be part of the new frontier in Adventist mission. To register, go to www.plusline.org or dial (800) 732-7587.

INNOVATIONewsletter, June 28, 2007, The Center for Creative Ministry