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The Typical Protestant Pastor - Survey Profile
Only 5% of Protestant pastors in America are women. Almost all pastors are married. While 13% have been divorced almost all of these are remarried, and if you think that is a surprisingly high percentage, remember that it is half the percentage for the entire population.

The pastoral work force is also aging. The average age of Protestant pastors was 44 in 1992 and is 48 in the most recent survey. The average umber of years spent in full-time pastoral ministry jumped from 14 years in 1992 to 17 years in the most recent survey.

The average tenure in a church is 5 years. A substantial share of those pastors who stay with a congregation for a long time lead churches that are not growing. Many long-term pastors also rate their own teaching and preaching skills as average or below average.

The findings in the paragraph above are surprising and contradict earlier research from several other sources. There are "straws in the wind" which indicate that a sea change in church growth research may be underway; this is one of them.

Trend Analysis Report - Source: Barna Research Group