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Reconnecting Ministries Embraced By World Church
In April, Adventist church leaders formally recognized the need to pair membership retention and reclamation with evangelism planning. Titled “Conserving Membership Gains—An Appeal,” the document states “that 28 percent of those who leave the Adventist Church do not disagree with the church’s teachings but felt an ‘absence of belonging and [a] lack of meaningful engagement in the local congregations and its mission.’”

It is wonderful that this issue is being emphasized and that this document will be circulated throughout the world church. For more than two decades, the Center for Creative Ministry (CCM) has been researching and raising concern about missing and inactive members. The Center is the official Reconnecting Ministries resource center for the North American Division (NAD) and has coordinated Reconnecting Ministries (RM) training events across the NAD for more than 12 years.

The Center is a consultant to the GC Secretariat about how to conduct further study of what is behind the dropout factor around the world. After discussion about inactive members took place during the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis, MO, chair of the CCM board of directors Monte Sahlin wrote a major article on this topic for Spectrum magazine.

We invite you to send us your thoughts about reconnecting with inactive members. A number of resources have been developed for local churches to re-build relationships with inactives.

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