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University Students Seek Spirituality
The New York Times cites that matters of faith are finding renewed prominence on secular campuses across the nation (Finder, 2007). Potentially stemming from the current socio-political leadership; or the influx of international students; or living in a post-9/11 world filled with questions about world religions, regardless the cause, there is a surging student interest in spirituality.

Finder (2007) refers to survey research from 2004 when noting that almost 80% of incoming freshmen hold a belief in God. The article then refers to the filling of rosters for spirituality classes, religious assemblies being well attended, and campus ministry centers finding increased involvement by students.

“...There is a growing interest in religion and spirituality and an openness on college campuses,” notes University of Notre Dame sociology professor, Christian Smith (paragraph 17).

Do you have a passion to make a spiritual impact on campus? Undoubtedly there is a college or university that is near you—possibly just down the street from your home, or your work, or your church.

Andrews University offers the Graduate Certificate in Campus Spiritual Leadership which equips participants for making the most of ministry opportunities. With specialty tracks for the public campus and the Christian campus, it is perfectly suited to those who desire to reach students and staff by enhancing Christian discipleship skills. Contact reled@andrews.edu or 269-471-8618 with any questions you may have.

“Students need someone who can be a stable spiritual force for them,” notes Ron Pickell, chaplain for the Berkeley Adventist Christian Fellowship and North American Division (NAD) coordinator for Adventist Christian Fellowship. “It takes someone with specialized training to know how to provide this group with a ministry of presence.” Pickell will be among the instructors featured in this summer's intensives for the graduate certificate.

INNOVATIONewsletter, May 3, 2007, The Center for Creative Ministry