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Pope-Bashing Goes Mainstream
Several recent books from major, secular publishers reveal negative things in the history of the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. The latest is a tour-de-force by one of the most respected historians in America today, Garry Wills. He was raised a Catholic and educated by the Jesuits.

Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit was released this summer by Simon and Schuster and reviews have been printed in the New York Times and the Washington Post, where it was the front page of the book review section on June 4. It was described as "an extraordinary indictment of the Church."

Wills documents a history that he calls "evasions, disingenuous explainings, outright denials, pieties, dodges, lapses and funk." He writes that the fundamental problem with the papacy, despite the popularity of the current pope, is "to keep evading the truth is a worse embarrassment [than all the crimes described down through history] an insult to those who have been wronged and whose wrong will not be recognized."