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The Final Word
 The Final Word | See Scripture Below | April 14, 2007  |  Order Info

Scripture: Matthew 4:4-10; 21:42; 22:29; 26:54; Galatians 1:11, 12; James 2; 2 Peter 1:19-21; 3:16

Don Imus hosts a daily radio program called “Imus in the Morning.” This week he was in the hot seat because of racist remarks he made last week. On Monday he sat across from the Rev. Al Sharpton on his radio show and enduring more criticism for his offensive comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Imus issued another apology on the program saying, “Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go too far. And this time we went way too far. I'm not a bad person. I'm a good person, but I said a bad thing."  Sharpton called the comments "abominable" and "racist" and repeated his demand that Imus be fired. Others have also called for his dismissal.

The Rutgers team, which includes eight black women, had lost the day before the comment in their NCAA women's championship game. Imus was speaking with producer Bernard McGuirk about the game when the exchange began, which was broadcast to millions of people on more than 70 radio stations and MSNBC.

Allison Gollust, a spokeswoman for MSNBC, said the network considers Imus' comments "deplorable" and is reviewing the matter. Karen Mateo, a spokeswoman for CBS Radio -- Imus' employer and the owner of his New York radio home, WFAN-AM -- said the company was "disappointed" in Imus' actions and said his comments were "completely inappropriate." 1

Who’s going to have the final word on Don Imus’ future in radio and television?

Joining a growing list of Republicans, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should consider resigning. The possible presidential candidate said the botched firing of U.S. attorneys has destroyed Gonzales' credibility as the nation's top law enforcer.

"I think the country, in fact, would be much better served to have a new team at the Justice Department, across the board," Gingrich said. "I cannot imagine how he is going to be effective for the rest of this administration. ... They're going to be involved in endless hearings."

Senator Charles Schumer from NY, who is helping lead the investigation into the firing of eight federal prosecutors, said Gingrich's comments pointed to building bipartisan support for a new attorney general.

"This is another important voice who believes that the attorney general should step down for the good of the country and the good of the department," Schumer said in a statement. "We hope both the attorney general and the president heed Speaker Gingrich's message."

Gonzales, a former White House counsel who became attorney general in 2005, is scheduled to testify April 17 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is a congressional showdown believed to be a make-or-break appearance for Gonzales. 2

Who’s going to have the final word on Alberto Gonzales’ future as the U.S. Attorney General?

In our Bible study this week we are considering a very important concept; in the Christian community who has the final word? If we would hasten to say “God as expressed in the Bible” is the final authority, then that brings us to other considerations.

What is our view of inspiration? Is every word of Scripture inspired? Is every fact correct? Are all the stories true? Through many hand-written transcriptions, is the original intent still intact?

If we see the Bible as the sole authority for faith and practice, could we legitimately be labeled as practicing “bibliolatry” ---making the Bible an idol that takes the place of God?  What about the role of the Holy Spirit, the One Jesus gave us to lead us into all truth?

Christians have been arguing this topic for centuries. So who will have the last word on this discussion?

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2. Gingrich suggests Gonzales should quit, USA Today, April 9, 2007 [ view article ]  
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