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The Politics of School Violence
Although the number of killings in America's public schools is at the lowest point since data was first collected many decades ago, politicians are using the highly-publicized events at Columbine and a few other schools to legislate morality and religion. In fact during 1999, other than the killings at Columbine High School, only 10 people were killed in the thousands of public schools across the U.S. and only 3 of these were from gunshot.

In politics, smoke and mirrors seem to have more importance than reality, so last fall Louisiana was the first state to require students to use courtesy titles with adults and to study manners and respect. Law-makers in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi are about to adopt similar bills. Indiana has passed a law to post the 10 Commandments in public schools and the same kind of measure is on the agenda in Georgia, South Dakota, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Trend Analysis Report - Source: The Global Network news scan research organization