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The Next Generation and the Internet
The Internet already is a defining reality for the Millennial Generation, now 5 through 22 years of age. In a recent survey by Volchok Consulting, 98% of Sixth Graders knew that no one owns the Internet, while 23% of a sample of senior executives in Fortune 1000 corporations thought that the Microsoft Corporation controlled the Internet. A total of 93% of the Sixth Graders could explain what a modem is. Again, only 23% of the corporate executives could do so.

These generational differences are as profound as the "generation gap" that emerged between "the TV generation" (Baby Boomers) and previous generations in the 1960's. The first decade of the new century will be the equivalent of the 1960's for the Millennial Generation. How will the new generation gap manifest itself? Your ability to guess correctly the answer to that question may make all the difference in the survival of your ministry into the next generation.

Trend Analysis Report - Source: Rethinking Schools, Volume 12, Number 4.