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Dead Flies and Snake Charmers
 Dead Flies and Snake Charmers | Ecclesiastes 10 | March 17, 2007  |  Order Info

Did you happen to see the CNN news clip this week of a car driving through several sections of a shopping mall? Fortunately for shoppers and shop keepers the mall was closed.

CNN used pictures captured by the mall’s security cameras that show Stephen Lowe driving his SUV into the entrance of a mall in Augusta, Georgia. Once inside Lowe drives his vehicle through several sections of the mall, past the food court, and then exits through another mall entrance on the other side. As one might guess, Lowe remains in an area jail for a very foolish act.

If you missed that piece of news, maybe you are one of the 24 million viewers who watched the new television show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” The premise of the show is that adults will look foolish if they cannot answer a question a 5th grade student can answer. 

The game show host asks adult questions such as these listed in Thursday’s USA TODAY newspaper: “What is the lowest prime number? In the Northern Hemisphere, in what month is the autumnal equinox? Which is longer, 1 kilometer or 1 mile?” If the adults are stumped by the question, one from the panel of fifth-grades sitting at their school-like desks is selected to give the correct answer.

It appears that the more foolish people appear on any television show the higher the rating.

In Ecclesiastes 10, we find a rhythm in lines of verse that form a unit that do not carry a topical flow rather pithy word pictures that teach important life lessons. 

Contradictions continue to haunt the author especially the mixture of wisdom and folly.
Solomon has observed that like flies, foolishness is everywhere. In Chapter 10 Solomon asks us to consider some of the characteristics of a fool?

- The fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is. (v3)
- Fools are put in many high positions while the rich occupy the low ones. (v6)
- A fool is consumed by his own lips;
- At the beginning his words are folly. (v12)
- At the end they [his words] are wicked madness and the fool multiplies words. (v13-14)
- A fool’s work wearies him.
- A fool does not know the way to town. (v15)

Then suddenly the author switches his pattern of thought and compares a blessing to folly. People of the blessed land behave wisely. They monitor their thoughts, words, tone of voice and facial expressions. They limit criticizing and finger pointing. They try not to get angry with the fool nor do they think negatively of him or her. (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

Driving your car through a shopping mall may be easy to label foolish. But watch out, the next news story would be about you. Praise God there is One who took our foolishness (sin) and loves us so much that we often find it easier to be on our best behavior than not. ~ck

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