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Think About It - Spiritual Side of Thanksgiving
Monte Sahlin challenges us to consider the spiritual side of Thanksgiving.

“It can be used as a special day to teach how to live from an attitude of gratitude. That's not just a catchy sermon title. It is a foundational Christian teaching and particularly appropriate when the minimum wage melts down, the safety net is shredded, and college moves out of reach or requires a debt load that will last until your own children are old enough to go. It is easy to be grateful to God when one is constantly doing better, better than Mom and Dad ever did. It requires real values, moral clarity and strong character to praise the Lord for slim pickings. An attitude of gratitude is most needed when it is hard to see what there is to be thankful for; when the ‘worldly’ view counts little gain, it takes exceptional spiritual ‘sight’ to see blessings. Yet this generous view of a simple life is a core element of following Jesus.”

INNOVATIONewsletter, November 29, 2006, The Center for Creative Ministry