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Help Us Locate Church-Planting "Mother Churches"
Leadership Network is a well-known organization serving pastors of evangelical churches across America. The network has contacted the Center for Creative Ministry, asking for our help in locating Adventist church-planting contacts to include in a large, interdenominational survey that it is currently conducting.

Do you know of any Adventist churches that meet at least two of the following four criteria?

1. Has a church planting person on staff
2. Provides or gets training for church planters
3. Sends their members to assist new churches
4. Designates a portion of annual budget to support church planting

If so, please let me know and provide contact information if you have it. Send responses to one of the addresses or phone numbers included at the end of this newsletter. Thanks for your assistance with this research. We will report on it in due course as information becomes available.

INNOVATIONewsletter, November 29, 2006, The Center for Creative Ministry