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How Americans Spend Their Leisure Dollars
A total of $500 billion is spent on leisure time products and services each year. The largest share (36%) was spent on purchases of video, audio and computer equipment for home or personal use in the most recent year for which data is available. Another 24% was used to purchase publications.

About 6% went to buying recorded music and 3% to obtain video games. The remaining third of expenditures were made for entertainment services: 12% on casino gambling, 8% on lottery tickets, 3% each on movie tickets, spectator sports and theme parks and 2% on race-track betting.  An average night out for a family of four costs about $143 now. Major league baseball tickets average $15, basketball $41 and football $46 each.

A classical music concert can cost $25 to $132 per ticket, while popular music events cost $23 to $76 each. A touring stage show or musical such as "Riverdance" costs $30 to $80 per ticket.

Trend Analysis Report (2000) - Source: Research Alert, Volume 17, Number 20 (4th Quarter 1999).