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Innovative Church Plants Funded by Global Mission
INNOVATIVE CHURCH PLANTS FUNDED BY GLOBAL MISSION A Postmodern Church Planting Project in Atlanta, a Young Adult Church Plant in Winnipeg (Manitoba), an Echo Boomer Church Plant in Fort Worth (Texas), and a community-based church plant in Pittsburgh are among 15 projects recently approved for grants from the Office of Global Mission at the General Conference. The grants are for amounts of $17,000 to $22,500 per year for periods of two to five years and come from the donations that support Global Mission as well as the offerings designated twice each year for Global Mission.

Each of these projects involves non-traditional approaches to establishing an Adventist congregation among a largely un-reached people group. The Echo Boomer Church Plant, for example, will focus on the Millennial generation, now in their teens and twenties. The PULSE church plant in Pittsburgh is using a strategy in which a community ministry is established first that collaborates with other community groups in meeting needs in a blue collar area with substantial programs, and a new congregation emerges from that community service agency. Pittsburgh has the fewest per capita Adventists of any American city—one Adventist per 1,263 population. The area where PULSE is starting has a population of 95,000 in a five-mile radius with no Adventist presence before the project began last year.

INNOVATIONewsletter - June 21, 2006