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Family Life More Important Than Work To Most Employees
Management's recognition of the importance of personal and family life is the single most important factor in the loyalty and dedication of most employees. In other words, if management acts like family life is important and makes allowances for it in the way they treat their employees, those workers respond with a much higher than average level of commitment to the job.

That is a surprising result from a new study of American work life which many employers-particularly large organizations-have not yet recognized in their policies and procedures, much to their loss!

The second-rank factors that result in high employee loyalty and energy include the direction in which the organization is heading, opportunities for personal growth on the job, encouragement for employees to challenge the way things are done, employee participation in planning change, permitting open and candid communication, and a readiness for change on the part of management.

Way down the list of important factors are pay equity, competitive benefits, and how performance evaluations are handled by the employer. In other words all of the things that "Human Resources" offices often focus on are of relatively little importance in building a loyal, hard-working and capable staff.

Trend Analysis Report (2000) - Source: "America at Work: An Overview of Employee Commitment in America," a study conducted by Aon Consulting, Chicago.