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Gambling - A Growing Problem
Only three states still outlaw all types of gambling. Some 37 states operate lotteries, 28 allow casinos and 43 allow betting in conjunction with horse and dog races. There are also 260 casinos operated on Native American reservations, outside the jurisdiction of state governments. Over the last two decades, the gross income from legal gambling is increased 16-fold to more than $25 billion a year. Americans are now spending a tenth of their leisure-time expenditures on gambling.

About two million people in the last year met the criteria for pathological gambling. More than 45% of college males who play football or basketball admit to betting on sports, even though it is legal in only two states-Oregon and Nevada. There are currently about 500 World Wide Web sites which allow people access to gambling anywhere on the globe. Most law enforcement professionals feel that they have limited ability to regulate these web sites, and there is no legal clarity about enforcing laws on the operators from jurisdictions outside the originating site.

Trend Analysis Report (2000) - Source: National Gambling Impact Study Commission