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Barna Report on Church Attendance and Spiritual Growth Activities
From his current surveys on discipleship, Evangelical researcher George Barna reports that about 20 million of America's 180 million adults both attend church and participate in SS classes, seminars, weekend retreats, small groups, and other religious education or spiritual formation activities.

"Currently, only one out of every six people who attend a Christian church is involved in discipleship activities," says Barna. "Women are almost twice as likely as men to be involved."

Small group or "cell group" process is the most widely used method, with more than two out of three of these 20 million currently participating in a group. "In churches where a larger proportion of people are being discipled, a higher percentage of the church's leaders are engaged in both discipling others and being discipled," observes Barna.

Trend Analysis Report (2003) -  Source: Barna Reports, May 9, 2000