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An event for people who love others too much to let them go.

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Not a Salesman

I've been around the church long enough to witness a long and enthusiastic debate over the correct methodology of evangelism. Some say that seminars are the only proper way to do evangelism, while others prefer a more formal series of large-scale preaching events. Some have said that planting new churches is the only way to do evangelism while others promote a relational style of friendship evangelism.

During all this debate, I had one man tell me that he didn't like the way I did evangelism. I asked him how he was conducting his evangelistic efforts. He admitted that with his busy schedule at work, he was not able to do any evangelism. I replied, "Well, I like the way I do evangelism more than I like the way you don't do evangelism."

I have learned that far too much time has been spent on debating the methodology of evangelism and far too little time has been spent in actual evangelism. If the Holy Spirit is leading, there is no wrong way of doing evangelism. The following story reminds us of this truth.

Mordecai Ham emerged as an evangelist from Kentucky at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century. He had a background in business and the study of law.

From the very beginning his approach was zealous and blunt. Rather than sit and talk with Christians at revival sites, Ham insisted on being taken to the worst sinners in the community.

On one occasion a non-believer hid in a corn field, but Ham tracked him down. The man asked what his intentions were and the evangelist said he was going to pray for God to kill him. When the man protested, Ham told him he shouldn't be bothered, since he didn't believe in God anyway. But if there was a God, then death would be appropriate for a man who had poisoned his family's spiritual prospects.

The lost man begged him not to pray for his death so Ham relented and prayed for his salvation. At the final meeting, Ham baptized the man and his family.

The key to effective evangelism is not methodology but passion. Mordecai Ham had what many of us lack today; passion for the lost.

Mike Tucker

What Does 'Re' in Re'vangelism Represent?

Retro - let's go back farther than the 1950s, even beyond the 1850s, let's go back to the first century to Acts 2
Respectful - let's honor people's experiences & boundaries as we introduce them to a faith that is meaningful to us
Reassuring - fear and coercion have no place in the evangelization cycle of our churches
Revitalizing - if traditional methods are only reaching a small numbers, surely there is room for new approaches
Reengaging - we must pay attention to the back door while we welcome people at the front door