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Fellowship Space
Adventist churches are more likely to report a need for additional fellowship space when compared to other faiths.

More than 25% of the Adventist churches in the U.S. have slightly less fellowship space than they need, while nearly 25% say they have "much less than needed." About 13% report that they have more than needed. All faiths are more likely than Adventists to say their fellowship space is "just about right." More than 45% of all religious groups feel that their fellowship space is fine, while less than 40% of Adventist churches think that it is sufficient.

Nearly two-thirds of Adventist church buildings were constructed or purchased more than 20 years ago when 'preaching the Word' space was more important than fellowship space. With today's emphasis on fellowship ministries both Sabbath and throughout the week, many physical plants are now hampering the progress of new initiatives.

Discussion Questions:

1. Is the amount of fellowship space in our church much less than needed, somewhat less than needed, just about right, somewhat more than needed, or much more than needed?

2. How does the amount of fellowship space affect our congregation?

3. Should we consider re-configuring the use of space in our building(s)? Why or why not?

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