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New Fact Information
Ongoing discoveries (newest listed first) we're making from the FACT data that have not previously been reported on this Web site or in the Adventist Congregations Today book. Feel free to use them as a discussion-prompting resource in your local church.

Increasing Diversity
Tutoring Programs
Child Care
Substance Abuse Programs
Counseling Services
Housing Services
Community Service Center
Cash Assistance
Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen
Outreach Visits by a Member
Discussion Groups
Music, Art and Drama
Family Life Education
Spiritual Retreats
Prayer Ministries
Theological Study
Bible Study Programs
Attendance of Children and Teens
Typical Attendance of Children and Teens
Typical Adult Attendance, Part II
Typical Adult Attendance
  Sabbath School Compared to Sunday School
  Parking Spaces
  Physical Plant Conditions
  Fellowship Space
  Classroom Space
  Worship Space
  Adventist Churches in Metro Areas
  Community Context & Mission
  When Congregations Were Founded
  The Friendliness Factor in Adventist Churches
  Influence of Denominational Heritage
  Giving by Americans to Religion, Charity & Politics
  Change of Worship Style
  Use of Scripture in Sermons
  Sermons and Contemporary Media
  Personal Sermon Illustrations
  Social Justice in the Adventist Church
  Practical Christian Living
  Relating to the Community
  Relational Focus of Congregations
  Congregation's Sense of Mission
  New Member Assimilation
  Excited About the Future
  Ethnic Heritage
  Social Justice
  Personal Evangelism
Small Groups
Youth Ministries
Youth Ministries Report
Relational Environment
  Spiritual Vitality
Outreach By Direct Mail