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Other Faith Groups
Are you looking for more information about a denomination or religious group other than the Seventh-day Adventist Church? If so you may visit the inter-religious Faith Communities Today web site maintained at The Hartford Institute for Religion Research. The page includes a list of the more than 40 denominations and faiths which participated in Faith Communities Today. Click on the group that you want and you will go to a section with the information from that category.

For each participating religious group, FACT provides:

bullet Brief facts about the group.
bullet Details of their participation in the FACT project.
bullet The official contact person's information.
bullet The names of the research team.
bullet Links to the research findings for that denomination or religious group.
bullet A copy of the questionnaire used by the group.
bullet Links to other web sites providing information about that faith.

You can also view detailed denominational information for approximately 45 of the questions from the FACT study in the Interactive Workbook section of the site. The coordinators of FACT have been granted permission by the participating denominations and religious groups to distribute this specific information.

A complete list of the FACT research reports from other denominations is posted on the Hartford Institute web site and updated regularly.