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Personal Sermon Illustrations
Adventist preachers are just a little more likely than the average religious leader in America to use personal stories or first-hand experiences in their sermons. In this particular dimension Adventist preaching is not much different than what you would hear in other churches.

Most listeners like stories, especially ones that are from the personal experience of the speaker. This has always been a powerful element in good preaching and in many ways is even more so today.

Discussion Questions:

1. How often are personal stories or first-hand experiences used in the sermons preached in our church: always, often, sometimes, seldom or never?

2. Would sermons be improved in your opinion by including more personal stories?

3. Are there too many personal stories being told in the sermon, distracting the listeners from the main message points?

4. Do the personal stories told by your pastor seem to connect well with guests and church members?

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