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Change in Worship Style
Adventist churches are about as unlikely to make changes in their worship style as is the average congregation of any faith. Nearly two-thirds of the Adventist churches in America (65%) have made little or no change in their style of worship in the last five years, as compared to 62% of all religious groups.

This information comes from research done as part of the Faith Communities Today (FACT) survey. 

The third of churches that have made "some" or "a great deal" of change in their worship style over the last five years tend to be congregations that have started more recently and have a high percentage of younger adults.

Introducing a new style of worship seems to be largely a generational issue and appears to be widely resisted in all religions.

Discussion Questions:

1. Compared to the style of our local church's worship service five years ago, would you say the style of our (main) worship service today is basically the same, changed a little, changed some, or changed a great deal?

2. What would happen if we made some changes now?

3. What kinds of changes might make our worship more accessible and inviting to non-churched (pre-Christians) people from our community?

4. What kinds of changes might make our worship more uplifting and Christ-centered for everyone?

5. Is it more important that our worship services encourage and inspire our own members or bring the gospel to non-members?

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