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Classroom Space
The majority of Adventist churches do not have enough classroom space. This is also a problem for all religions in America.

Just 18% of congregations of all faiths report they have more classroom space than they need. The same is true for only 16% of Adventist churches. 

It appears to be a common perspective for church building committees in America to underestimate the need for classrooms. They are generally seen as necessary for children and unnecessary for adult activities. With the increased interest in many kinds of small group programs throughout the week, churches across the board are unprepared. 

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you describe the classroom space in our church: much more than needed, slightly more than needed, just about right, slightly less than needed, or much less than needed?

2. What impact does this have on our ministries to both our congregation and our community?

3. What steps should we take to better meet our needs for classroom space?

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